Media Statement against Fake Regent Group

Deputy Managing Director of REGENT, Barrister Tareque Akbar Khondakar, in an interview with News Channels of Bangladesh said that REGENT started its journey from 1981 & till now has been doing business with good name. REGENT and its sister concerns are registered with Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms. He pointed out that the Fake Regent Group owns Regent Hospital of Uttara and its Headoffice is located in Uttara, Dhaka. He also mentioned that the Fraud Shahed used the name of different sisters concern of REGENT in his website. Barrister Tareque also referred to the fact that Fraud Shahed took picture infront of the project land of REGENT at Marine Drive Road, Inani, Cox’s Bazar claiming it to be his project in his personal Facebook post. He commented that “Surely, if there was no ill-intention why would the Fraud Shahed have written ‘Project Visit’ while standing on someone else’s land?”.